September 16, 2012

I'm trying a new start, so bear with me

Heading back in time.
Remembering what was once important.
Escaping to the past.
Revelling in the fondness of memories.
I play back over holidays with friends and the rawness of being with them in a new context, times I laughed my heart out, picnics when the silence was so comfortable, nights and mornings I'm happy to not remember, the unfamiliarity of a new space and vibe and the thrill of embracing it. Rawness, if actually "something" at all, is a term I'm beginning to explore. I'm over so many things, in more ways then the Dandy Warhols are... The sparkle of wealthy homes, the energy involved in sneaking alcohol and parties into my year, the fake laughs and pouts. The excessive use of a camera and social media to document so many social-climbing lifestyles. What value does all of it hold in a group when one member see's through it. I'm happy to have escaped what seemed so sterile and polite. I seek out friends who you can see after months of separation and it feels like seconds have passed.

Rawness isn't just the moments after a shower, or a model without makeup. Haha thats so vague. I hope my life encompasses raw moments. No, I know it does, ours all do. Its just noticing them out of the blue, rather then looking for them. I'm finding photos in my collections which send me into a day dream of feelings and smells and sounds. I can remember everything. And no, I'm not saying photographs capture a moment, because we all know that already. But rather, a true and honest moment, when photographed, can send the shooter right back to the moment. And that I think is rawness. With that said, these are some random snaps from such an eventful year which for me capture 2012's really pure essence. For me at least!

Description of photos, respectively.
The beach at 1770, during the swap over between Summer and Autumn. A breakthrough in terms of dad and my friendship... I guess you could say. We bonded over photography.

A (totally fake) moment of zen with friends at Stradbroke Island. High as a kite on so much fresh air, good food and company, and a beach to ourselves. 

Inside the chicken pen at the Dunnes' Woroona property. The best summer of my life. A celebration of friends we wish were family. 

Jacinta and the cock straw. Just realising that all my favourite moments of this year have been away from Brisbane. Poor brissy. Not.

The Caloundra pals.. No words can describe this night. Tim put a fish in my mouth.

The England-bound Joe Tiernan at schoolies week. Okay, so I cheated. But come on. How much funnier can it get than a guy that punches himself in both the eyes. And yes, there was obviously alcohol involved. 

Issy Baker and myself at Timmy's so a night of girl talk, literally. Except for the minor exception that Tim is not a girl. 

Kel Neil fishing in the creek at Woroona. Memories flood over me of the smell of damper and the heat of a campfire. 

The Perigian Originals crew. Timmy and Jacinta. Scrabble, shitty red wine, swimming naked for hours in perfect surf, spiking honey dew melon with gin and getting high on high with reggae performers. A bit of an all round Kelly fest.

The south end of the creek at Woroona, just seconds before all the kids jumped in. We underestimated how hot a half hour ride in the back of a ute could be. Yep, I think we can deem the Woroona trip as a winner indeed. 

April 18, 2012

sale, sail, away!

If you know me, I'm not one for full-priced items. I love a good bargain hunt or a suitcase rummage. So for all those like-minded Brisbane girls hoping to get their hands on some designer goodies at reduced prices, head over to James Street! Willow is having a warehouse sale, tucked in between Nat Sui Shoes and Optiko Eyewear... Let me know if you have any great finds from their Urban Rider collection - I'd love to go, but I'm saving up for a Melbourne adventure :)

Address: Tenancy 10, 19 James St, Fortitude Valley

And lastly, thought I'd share some of my fav pieces.. I found a pair of these riding style leggings at a Rockhampton vinnies last week but they were too baggy. I imagine Willow's leggings, however, would be just right - the designer is meticulous at figure hugging pieces. Secondly, the perfect winter party dress, would love to get my hands on this!!

Adios amigos, I'm off to a job interview with an up-coming Brissy fashion designer :) cross your fingers for me!!

Images from Vogue.

April 2, 2012

Marie Claire Up Late in James St

On Thursdiee night, my friend Isabella dearest (she resembles Samantha from SITC personality wise, it's quite scary) and I had the opportunity to hit up James St with the rest of Brisbane's fashion lovers. The majority of stores really got into the groove of things, with live music, entertainment and the cutest treats and cocktails!

Not gonna lie, Calexico was in it's prime. With a carnival theme, does deliciously sticky fairy floss, a snake charmer, henna artist and fortune teller tick all your boxes??

Easton Pearson's EP store was definitely a highlight, the small space was so wonderfully set up as a "woodlands" scene - I was thinking of something from the latest Red Riding Hood movie - and I also was introduced to Pam Easton herself (dream come true much?).

Thanks to Mélange Boutique for the macaroons and my new suede skirt, Frockshop, Sass and Bide & Camilla for the champers, and above all else, congrats to Marie Claire for a fabulous night!

Issy and I with "Eddie" the snake!

Joey was our photographer for the night. We use and abuse our friends haha

This photo of me was uploaded onto Calexico Boutique's Facebook page, check out the album here - it's so colourful!
Wearing: Asos colour-blocking swing top, vintage crochet pants, Nine West leather boots and an African beaded necklace.
Did I see / not see anyone there? Let me know, I enjoy making friends!!

June 14, 2011


from Tobacco & Leather
source: Tobacco & Leather

Once again, my skull-head obsession is evident. But seriously, NEXT DIY PROJECT YEWWWW. unless i find one like this in Melbourne.. did I tell you? Yeh, I'm going to Melbourne. Let me tell you again, it just sounds so good ;) I'M GOING TO MELBOURNE!

P.s. new word of the day is magnanimous.
Note to self - create a sentence using word of the day which makes you sound smart.
but it's ok, I've got my sushi, my camera and my daring, darling, delicious (hehe yes you tayla ;) friends.